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Welcome to Molecularium, a magical, musical adventure into the world of molecules! This show is an exciting new animation created to spark interest in the atoms and molecules that constitute our world.
Molecularium: Riding Snowflakes, the award-winning digital dome experience, is a science lesson, a thrill-ride, and a magical musical adventure in a world of atoms and molecules. Aboard the Molecularium ship, audiences join a cast of atomic characters on an immersive and unforgettable adventure into the nanoscale universe. Explore billions and trillions of atoms and molecules with Oxy, a precocious oxygen atom, and Hydro and Hydra, her wacky hydrogen pals. Ride from the atomic structure of a snowflake to the far reaches of space aboard the Molecularium, the most fantastic ship in the Universe.  Aligned with national science standards in primary school learning and educational assessment.
The Molecularium™ is a state-of-the-art computer generated animation for digital dome theaters that makes molecular science fun. The creators have integrated advanced scientific simulations into a groundbreaking immersive cartoon with kid-friendly characters to introduce young people to the world of atoms and molecules.
The project has brought together a team of researchers, artists, museum curators and educators, technology designers, musicians, performers, elementary school teachers, students, and professors to create a truly unique experience.

Teacher's Guide: molecularium_edguide.pdf
Show Length:  [23 minute show + 5 to 15 minute sky tour]

Intended Audience: Children ages 5-8 and their families.