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Life: A Cosmic Story *

Life: A Cosmic Story tells the 14-billion-year saga of how we came to be. It's a journey from the microscopic view inside a plant cell to the vastness of our universe populated by billions of galaxies swirling in space.
Begin your journey by shrinking down to enter a single redwood leaf, and discover that all life on Earth shares a common ancestry. Then travel through time to witness key events since the Big Bang—from the first stars to the formation of the solar system—that set the stage for life. Along the way, you will see two scenarios for the dawn of life on early Earth, and discover how our planet has changed since those microscopic beginnings. Narrated by Academy Award winner Jodie Foster.
Show Length:  [31 minute show + 5 to 15 minute sky tour]

Intended Audience: Children/Families, Adults